Eventainer Logo

A logo created for Advantage Structures LLC based out of Chicago. The company distributes shipping containers and had branched out to offer rentable tv containers that include a bar, screen, and sound system. The client wished to pay homage to the classic Advantage Structures logo.


Granteed Enterprises Logo
Music Podcast Logo

A logo created for Granteed Enterprises LLC, a construction company based out of Northeast, PA. The client wanted a simple illustration of a houseline above the name of business.


The Metal Vault Logo

A logo created for The Metal Vault with DJ Mack, and internet metal show based out of Ireland. I was given total creative freedom, and chose to go metal with the skull with headphones and keep it in the color scheme of the Irish flag.

Caruso Construction Family Logo
The Lawn Drawn – Yard Sign Company
Breaking the Chains – Etsy Shop