Whitesnake – July 2nd, 2016

Mohegan Sun Pocono -  Keystone Grand Ballroom – Wilkes Barre PA


Whitesnake’s “The Greatest Hits Tour 2016” Review

Written by: Kendle Peters, 90.7 WCLH Wilkes-Barre Scranton Hazleton Metal Director


The day was July 2nd, 2016.  It was not your typical Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun Casino at Pocono Downs.  On this day, Wilkes-Barre welcomed the guys from Whitesnake to town.  A better Saturday night out, because the place was filled with fans and energy on account of a great show playing in the Keystone Grand Ballroom.


Now, I’ve been to multiple shows in this venue.  There are seats for everyone.  Sometimes seats are used, other times, they are not.  There is one thing that determines the use of the seats, and that is the band.  I personally think it’s a bummer when people are sitting at a rock show.  This time, definitely not the case!  Whitesnake had that crowd standing, singing along, and rocking the entire show.


Looking around, everyone was happy.  This was “The Greatest Hits Tour 2016,” and its a great time when fans of all levels can sing along to the best tunes in a band’s discography.  Make that band Whitesnake, with hit after hit and ballads for days, and anyone can have one hell of a night.


Here are some highlights that made me smile:


- Every time David Coverdale hit the last note of a song, in the way that he did it most wonderfully.


- Seeing Reb Beach play live for the first time.  Seeing his tapping in person.  His guitar sound filling the place as he soloed.


- The drum solo of Mr. Tommy Aldridge.  By the way, I was sitting next to Jeff Plate (Metal Church, TSO, Savatage), and I felt honored to enjoy that together.


- The guitar solo of Joel Hoekstra, especially when he brought out the acoustic.


- The relationship between the band and audience.


Whitesnake ended the set with one of their most epic songs, "Still of the Night."  Originally recorded with an orchestral arrangement, the song's many breakdowns and parts made it "the" finale.   I had a chance to interview guitarist Joel Hoekstra prior to the show.  At the end of the interview, I asked him to pick a closing song.  He then asked me if I was feeling more of a rocker or a ballad.  Ultimately, we closed with "Still of the Night," a song that touches on many styles and emotions and can be considered both a hard rocker and monster ballad.  Hearing the live version at the show made me appreciate the arrangement even more.    "Still of the Night" has it's place on Whitesnake's 1987 self-titled album, along with many other greatest hits performed at the show.


Nothing beats live music.  Well.... nothing beats live music from bands like Whitesnake.  Musicians coming out of an era, who wrote lasting songs, and are still writing classics.  The guys in Whitesnake have talent and soul beyond belief.    Bring that talent and soul back to NEPA soon!