Skyboot Vintage is an online clothing store that specializes in women's vintage clothing.  I was a part of the design team to work with the owners.  Our goal was to provide them with a logo and brand.  Below is my individual contributions to the company.

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These are graphics I made for Skyboot Vintage.  A version of this logo can be seen at  This is also the web page my design team developed together.  There are two graphics.  The second one was redesigned after the clients expressed they wanted more colors.


- Illustrator -

Here are the graphics used on a store front.  The idea would be to change the style or era of the character every month.


- Photoshop -

Preliminary Work


The work in this graphic involved receiving notes form the client.  The character developed in my mind when they expresses they wanted a strong-female character.  I linked this with the space theme they wanted as well.


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