Knuckleheads Bar and Grille is located in Swoyersville, Pa.  They did not have a logo or branding, so I decided to create them.  If the bar did have a theme, it would be a Pittsburgh Steelers bar that appreciates the culture of the Three Stooges.  This is the work I did involving the business.

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This is the logo I designed for the bar, inspired by the themes discussed above.


 - Illustrator -

This is an audio commercial for Knuckleheads.  To add some visuals, I created a character for the business and animated it for this short video.  The script of the audio was written by me, but performed by a voice actor.


 - Illustrator - After Effects - Audition -

This is a mock T-shirt design for Knuckleheads using the logo and character.


 - Illustrator - Photoshop -

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