I wanted to design a wise variety of T-shirt graphics.  So, I decided to make an ad campaign for Hot Topic.  Overall, I went with a baseball theme, that led me to four shirt designs, one promotional video, and a few promotional shots for this project.

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These are the final graphics I made for the Hot Topic spot.  The first graphic includes the characters from the television show, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (with show references), then a Megadeth graphic (inspired by their first album cover), Super Street Fighter, and a skull graphic.  These would e printed on shirts for the video.


- Illustrator -

This is the video I directed for this project.  It was filmed on a softball field to maintain the theme of the project.  My goal was to involve the demographic of Hot Topic, and let film them with minor direction as a director.


- Premiere Pro -

Here is a mock of my project being displayed at a Hot Topic store.  Included is a promotional shot I took at the filming sight as well as the graphics I made, incorporated in the shirt poster to the left.


- Photoshop -

These are promotional shots taken a the location of the video.  Included in the bottom photo are the graphics I used in one of the shirt designs.

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